Saturday 19 April 2014

Paolo Nutini

So five years on from his release of Sunny Side Up Paolo Nutini has finally blessed us with another album. Caustic Love is a very different style to any of Nutinis previous music, a bit of rock, a bit of a political statement (Iron Sky), a lot of sex! Long gone are the days of Candy and Last Request! Is it wrong of me to say I am relieved that he didn't bring us a Sunny Side Up part 2, I love the change, I can feel in the music the five years he took out, the years of new experiences, he was 20 when he rocked onto the music scene with These Streets and I feel that his music has grown with him! The reason I fell for his music the first time round was because of his gravely Scottish tones, thankfully he hasn't lost that, his music is still without doubt his- that is his strength- that man could sing anything and everyone would know it was him! What he as done is challenge his audiences loyalty by throwing a curve ball of an album. While some are dubious, I have fallen head over heels for Caustic Love and from the initial sales figures (it's set to be the biggest selling album of 2014 so far) I think that the UK has puts its faith in Nutini and I hope it gets the recognition it deserves as a stand alone album, rather than always being compared to Sunny Side Up. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Sunny Side up and it actually featured in my music of the moment post, but I just think that Caustic Love is more representative of Nutini's growth over the last 5 years and I think it's brilliant that he can go from the likes of Jenny Don't Be Hasty to Candy to Scream (Funk My Life Up) now if that's not musical diversity, I don't know what is! 

In regard to Caustic Love, some have criticized him for his lack of uniformity in regard to style of music, why is it, they ask, that he can't stick to one genre. Well, why should he! I love that within minutes you can be listening to two very different songs and despite this I feel that the album as a whole actually sits very well together and it is definitely one worth listening to in order. My favourites include:
Better Man, Let Me Down Easy, Bus Talk (this is actually an Interlude, and doesn't feature his voice, but its place on the album is absolute genius!), One Day (I heard in an interview that the song began more like a poem, with the focus on the words- I think this is what makes it so brilliant), Iron Sky (this is one of the best know so far, I love the snippet of Charlie Chaplin in Dictator) and Someone Like You. 

Have you listened to Paolo Nutini's new album? If so, what do you think of it?


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