Saturday 10 May 2014

My university bookshelf

So almost two years ago I packed up my bags and embarked on a new chapter of my life: university. But packing is never easy when it means leaving behind hundreds of books that you have spent 18 years collecting. So I was faced with a decision- which books deserved to join me on my journey to university. Here I have the selection of books that made the cut. 

In the end I chose to bring books that I hadn't read rather than my favourites, you can see that there is quite a selection of John Green books, they were bought on a bit of a book buying spree shortly after the breakdown that occurred whilst reading TFIOS! The Time Traveler's Wife made it in despite having read it a hundred and one times already- I just loved it too much to leave it behind! Finally on this shelf we have series 1-8 of Greys Anatomy- not a book I know, but they have got me through some rough times, they deserved a bit of shelf space!

This shelf has a bit more variety, a mixture of classics books- The Illiad, The Odyssey etc as well as some of the fiction books that I have on my 'to read' list. 

Now this shelf is devoted to books for my course, as you can see by the cracked spines, they are well read, and as much as I love them, I can't wait to get stuck into a fiction book that isn't on my course reading list!

This is just a tiny glimpse into the books that made the journey with me to university, I am sorry that the photo quality isn't great, they had to be taken on my phone. If you would like a more detailed tour of my bookshelf then I would be happy to oblige once by exams are over!


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