Friday 2 January 2015

It's just another year

I have never been a big New Year person, I love the celebration and all that but as far as I am concerned, we could be celebrating anything. I know that some people like the idea of a fresh start, a do over, the opportunity for improvement and change. But I have never seen it like that, for me, I make little changes all the time, whenever motivation hits which can be half way through the year or maybe even next week. But never have I seen in the New Year and thought that this would be the year I change my life. I am more of a day to day person, I have to set myself small and short term goals because my brain tends to lose motivation.

But, as I near the end of my three years at university and 21 is suddenly only a month away, I have decided that maybe this is the time to set myself some real goals. In six months I will be saying goodbye to organised education and hello to the chaotic world full of responsibility and other such scary things. So here goes, a jumbled up list of things that I should really start doing.


Ah, I have so successfully managed to put off learning to drive, I have always been too happy to rely on public transport, but the time has come to bite the bullet. I have got to a point now where I am applying for jobs and it has hit me how being able to drive may be a necessity. So by the end of the year I really hope I am the proud owner of a driving licence. My theory has been booked and I have a driving instructor lined up. Baby steps...


I know that this seems like an obvious one, I am in my third and final year at university so surely that should dictate that it will be finished by the end of the year. But the third year panic has set in and the fear induced nightmares of failing at the last hurdle have set it. So heres to hoping that I can round off the year as a graduate.


Last year was a bit of a dud in the reading department. Somehow my books got lost amongst the mass of work university threw at me. This year I am hoping to manage my time better and devote more of it to reading for pleasure. I find reading really calms me down and I am hoping to make a significant dent into my TBR pile this year.

Of course there are the usual, do more exercise, eat more healthily, be happier etc which I will also be trying to follow. I am hoping that writing this down and putting it out on the internet will motivate me to work harder for them. Who knows, but there is no harm trying. I hope that you all have a brilliant year and I would love it if you would let me know in the comments what your New Years resolutions are.


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